2009 John O’Groats to Lands End run

My friend Mathew Ryan aka Dykie asked me if I was up for running the length of the country from John O’Groats to Lands end to help raise money for a girl called Elodie who needed an operation in the USA. I was right up for it and so was another friend of ours Leo Sharpe.

The 3 of us along with Leo’s wife Kirsty who was the designated driver and chief support crew headed off to John O’Groats ready to start our decent on May 1st. Our goal was to run on average 34 miles a day breaking it up into 3 run sessions. We would wake up at 5am in our mobile home, eat breakfast and then hit the road for a 11 mile run. While we were running Kirsty would drive the 11 miles and find a lay-by and get ready for our arrival and have our food ready for when we arrived. That process was repeated until we hit our 33 to 35 mile day. We’d do our stretches eat more food then repeat until we arrived at Lands End.

It was an amazing 30 days of running, it was tough going as you can imaging but luckily for us we had a great support crew and as the saying goes ’team work makes the dream work’.

We arrived at lands end a few stone lighter on May 30th