2011 Ironman Bolton

Little did I know that this, my first ironman race would set me up for many more to come over the years. I first decided to do this race thanks to my friend Buttsy Butler who sent me a youtube link on facebook of Rick & Dick Hoyt a father and son duo.

The father Dick Hoyt Swam with his disabled son in a dingy, cycled with his son stepped onto a special made bike and ran the marathon with him in his wheelchair. I couldn’t believe it and it inspired me to search the web to see if there were any ironman races in our country and found Ironman Bolton. I signed up straight away and started the 9 months of training. I was extremely lucky to get quite a bit of help from a few people regarding kit etc. Geraint thomas (cyclist) agent contacted me and said she could get me a bike sponsor and thanks to her I got a brand new Dolan bike plus she sorted out a cycling day with Geraint Thomas which was mega.

After 9 months of training the big day was upon me and it was game time. I’ll be honest it was the toughest thing I’d ever done at the time but at the same time it was also the best thing I’d done. I remember someone bought me a bottle of champagne for the finish and i couldn’t even muster a sip of the stuff that’s how f***ed I was.