2016 : 30 Half Ironman triathlons in 30 days

I came up with this idea whilst having a run around one of my favourite spots in Cardiff – Roath park lake. I kew James Lawrence aka Iron Cowboy held the world record of 22 consecutive half Irons so I thought to myself if I do 30 in 30 days starting in March and ending on March 30th for my birthday that should work out a treat.

I get to unofficially (didn’t do it through Guinness due to high costs) beat the world record and if when I finish I get to celebrate my birthday and the record all in one with a load of my friends and family.

Thanks to Jeff from Big Mouse he’d sorted out sponsorship from Peter Alan estate agents, Agile Therapy and Anna Loka vegan restaurant who agreed to feed me everyday when I finished my sports maassage at Anna Loka. After my feed, I’d make my way home and relax and sleep early ready for an early call at 4am ready to do it all over again.

I absolutely loved it, waking up early and getting stuck in all day then filling my face ready to go again.