2016 Triple Enduroman (triple ironman)

Literally 2 months after I’d completed the 30 half irons in 30 days I’d signed up for the triple Enduroman which is basically a triple ironman distance triathlon consisting of a 7.5 mile swim, 336 mile bike and a 78 mile run.

Normally after finishing a month of non stop exercise you’d rest up and let you body heal but I was looking forward to this triple as I felt fit and in good shape due to the sheer amount of training in did in march. It’s the first time I’ve ever gone into a race massively race fit. My body was used to the constant movement and it was about to get a good battering for at least 3 days non stop until I crossed the finish line of the triple.

The swim is in a little lake with a circle of buoys marked out that we’d swim in circles and every time we past the jetty we’d have to shout our race bib number to the organiser ticking off our laps until you heard him say “last lap”. It’s those words you so long wait to hear after so many repetitive circles of the same circles lap in lap out but I got there and it was then time to fuel up ad get ready for the bike section of the course.

Fueled and dressed ready for the bike which is made up of 11 mile loops so if you work it out that’s quite a lot of laps until you finish the 336 miles. I felt good and really strong and I was really ticking off the miles pretty quickly. I remember getting a message of my coach Mark Whittle telling me to slow down (he was following me on the live tracker via the enduro man website) but typical me I thought I was batman and just kept putting my foot down. During the dark early hours I fell asleep in the aero position on my bike and woke up just before ploughing into a bush. It was time to get some rest when I got back to base, in these races rest means 15 min sleep max then it’s back on the bike.

336 miles ticked off and I’m in 4th position so I was really happy with that. Time to fuel again and get my running shoes on ready for the last discipline. 78 miles to go until I can say I’ve completed a continuous triple iron. The run is made up of a 1 mile loop through forest, around a lake, a little hill and loads of tree roots which will cause a bit of a problem later when I’m super tired. I plod on mile after mile after mile and realise I’m gaining on some of the other athletes. I knew if I kept it up I could get 3rd place so i pushed so hard and after about 50 hours i crossed the line in 3rd place in absolute bits but over the moon to get such a good placing which I put down to the 30 half irons 2 months before.