Valentine’s Night at Koocha

Valentines’ night myself and my fiancé Ciara were invited along to Koocha, a vegan restaurant in Bristol.

They contacted me a few months ago regarding paying them a visit and what better night to visit than Valentine’s night. I drove us from Cardiff to Bristol which is only about a 40 min drive and even managed to grab myself a car parking space right outside. As I got out of the car, I was greeted with a lovely looking buildingsuperbly painted with flowers and tigers. Let’s just say the restaurant stuck out like a pretty penny and not a sore thumb. The words KOOCHA Mezzo bar on the building let us know we were in the right place.

When we walked in, the restaurant was alive, it was well laid out and warm and inviting. Most of the tables were full up with punters and the music was great and at a decent level. There was a photographer at the bar named Mitch who took some pictures which I have featured in this piece, thanks Mitch! I had a little chat with him as he happened to be a massive Dirty Sanchez fan from back in the day, so he took me down memory lane for a bit which is always fun.

As I sat in my chair, I have a little look around to get a feel of the place like I do in most restaurants I visit, and I got a such a good vibe.

The lighting is perfect (I dislike very bright restaurants) so is the music (I dislike extremely quiet restaurants). I also dislike restaurants packed with people sitting very close to you and can hear every bit of your conversation. Koocha was busy however the next table was not close enough to “listen in” and I don’t care what anyone says, humans by nature are nosey and we can’t help but home in with our radar to other people’s business. I was happy where I was, and my next mission was to read what looked like a very interesting and tasty menu.

The menu says at the top ‘not just for vegans’ and I fully agree. I mean that with all vegan restaurants, everyone should come and enjoy these fabulous dishes that are on offer. There is a wonderful selection of dishes on offer in Koochafrom Brunch & lunch, Mezzo, Large plates, small plates, and sweets along with a large drink’s selection. For drinks I went for the Lucky Saint alcohol free lager and watermelon mocktail which was stunning, and Ciara went for the Eastern Breeze mocktail which consisted of fresh lime, apple, and cucumber, topped with lemon soda and a dash of rose water, lush!

Choosing food was difficult to be honest because everything sounded amazing. I love eating food and I could have quite easily ordered quite severaldishes just so I could get to have a little taste of each one but I despise wasting food so that was not an option. At the top right-hand corner of the menu there’s a highlighted section offering “Mixed grill for two for £49” and we decided on that one with approval from Freya advising us we had made a good choice. It consisted of the following:

Crispy chickpea hummus. dill tzatziki, zaatar bread & parvardeh olives.

Shish kebabs, saffron & tahini skewers, oyster wings, corn ribs, chilli sauce, jewelled rice & salad Shirazi and Avocado & pomegranate salsa.

Baklava with a nice pot of vegan whipped cream.

We also ordered one of the large plate options of crispy chicken fries.

We sat and chatted as we waited for our food to arrive while soaking up the atmosphere of the restaurant. Like I said earlier the place is buzzing, you can see the chefs cooking away in the distance through the hole in the wall just behind the bar. I do like a restaurant where you can see the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.


The barmaidswere mixing drinks behind a bar which was decorated with colourful flowers and the waiting staff were passing us by with wonderful plates of food which is getting us even more excited for what is to come. We were really enjoying soaking it all up and were looking forward even more to the arrival of our food.

I could see our waitress Freja in the distance picking up our food. Let’s not forget you eat with your eyes first so as soon as the plates were put onto our table the food looked banging. There were some great smells wafting into my nostrils and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Because there was quite a bit of choice in front of us, I started by tasting a little bit of everything. It was all asexpected……absolutely banging!

The shish kebabs were next level along with the corn ribs and the refreshing avocado and pomegranate salsa. The crispy chick’in was also a strong favourite of mine with its lovely smooth cheese sauce and harissa mayo. Everything was seriously spot on; Ciara looks at me off when I eat food as Ican’t get it into my mouth quick enough.

If I like what’s in front of me, I pretty much hoover the stuff up into my gob and that’s exactly what was going on this evening (laughter).

Koocha was opened in 2018 and it was Bristol’sfirst fully vegan restaurant, all the food is locally sourced, and everything made from scratch on the premises. Noda Marvani really has created a delicious Plant based Persian paradise here in Bristol and I highly suggest you all pay it a visit; Iguarantee you won’t be disappointed; we can’t wait to visit again!

When are you opening in Cardiff???

Check out their website here:


Thanks so much for the exceptional hospitality.